Greg Gillin of Wembley Stadium To Review ISL Stadiums

With the bid to ensure a heightened status to the upcoming IPL-inspired Indian Super League, the ISL officials seem to be ready to reach every end possible. Along with the ongoing procedure of possible partnerships with elite overseas clubs, the ISL body has now roped in Greg Gillin of Wembley Stadium to review the ISL stadiums.

Gillin is the Facilities Director of the esteemed stadium and he would be soon joining the multi-million dollar worth Indian football league as a consultant who will review & offer advice regarding ISL pitch refurbishment.

isl stadiums

“Gillian would be looking after all facilities of Indian Super League stadiums, starting from the drainage aspect till main pitch”, said Leeladhar Singh from IMG Reliance. IMG Reliance is one of the co-founders of the phenomenal Indian Super League football, along with All India Football Federation. As per Singh, the maiden season of ISL would most probably start off from October 2014.

“Greg has already taken a tour through the different stadiums specified for the ISL 2014 matches & the entire work would be over by the initial week of August”, Singh added in.

The ISL stadiums are meant to be cutting edge, in parlance to international standards & would cost more than 20 crore INR for IMG Reliance. Balewadi Stadium, the home venue for Pune ISL team, has been already under servicing. The stadium will have 6 parameters of stadium refurbishment. These include relaying of the main pitch, work on drainage system, practice pitch, HD quality stadium floodlights, dressing room & other improvements.

Besides, the ISL stadiums are on its way to secure a dynamic international standard look which is necessary as India proceeds forward to host 2017 Under-17 FIFA World Cup. Balewadi Stadium would take around 45 more days to get complete as per the proposed edgy look.

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